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Looking ahead

An era...

What began in 1985 with the circulation of a concise catalogue of 12 DIN A 5 pages for Yamaha riders peaked in 2021 at five impressive catalogues - sometimes in 5 languages - with almost 4000 components for BMW riders totalling approx. 2300 pages. Wunderlich’s rapid evolution in 37 years can also be clearly seen by the range that these popular catalogues cover.

...draws to an end

“Publishing catalogues are no longer in style” say some. “I love flicking through, the chance to make notes in the margins” say others. We understand both points of view.

With the arrival of digital catalogues and information systems, the way our customers use printed catalogues has continued to change more and more over the years so that now there is a clear tendency to use digital information systems.

Wunderlich is becoming sustainably digital

Here at Wunderlich we switched towards digitalisation some time ago. The focus of all our measures is on the shifting needs of our customers and sustainability. Our initiatives in this respect are not only overwhelmingly welcomed by our customers, but they increasingly actively request them too.

This digital evolution doesn’t stand still. Our goal is the consistently personalised, needs and interest-oriented focus on offering our customers totally individual access to all information and the whole, current Wunderlich range any time, any where.

When you think this customer-oriented strategy through to the end and simultaneously keep an eye on sustainability, it’s a logical conclusion to do away with printed catalogues in the future, even if since 2017 these have been printed and shipped on FSC® paper from sustainable forest management and the CO2emitted has been compensated for, all according to requirements and without exception. This made Wunderlich an innovative pioneer in this sector.

We are aware of the fact that the total of five catalogues were highly valued by our customers around the world. Yet the number of customers who actively want to forego printed catalogues is growing more and more and now we want to meet this shifting need.

The resulting annual savings of 70 tonnes of paper, almost 215 tonnes of CO2, as well as the burden of shipping may seem marginal when seen at a societal level. These savings are our contribution to and proof of how we manage resources in a consistently responsible way.

This decision has been carefully weighed over a long period of time and has been discussed within the company as ambivalently and extensively as with our customers.

We could have delayed our decision by another year. Or even two. This step is necessary. And that’s why we are taking it now and doing so consistently.

Taking this step took courage and resolve, and we are convinced and trust that our customers will take this journey with us.

Our digital offer

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