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INSIDE Wunderlich #02|2022

#1 is followed by #2: The second issue of our INSIDE Wunderlich magazine will be published just in time for INTERMOT 2022

Dear Readers,

the first edition of our INSIDE WUNDERLICH magazine was published in January. It was very well received by you, for which we would like to thank you very much. But time has not stood still since then and many exciting things have happened and developed at Wunderlich. So much so that the second issue of INSIDE Wunderlich is now appearing in time for Intermot 2022.

At the end of April, we introduced our new "Wunderlich Adventure" division. This event was nothing less than a milestone in Wunderlich's history. This important strategic step in the company's development was underpinned by the introduction of a motorbike man par excellence who enjoys the highest reputation in our industry: Herbert Schwarz. Read the personal portrait in the cover story starting on page 32.

One of the first to use his Harley-Davidson Pan America as an adventure bike quite excessively in Europe, Africa and South America and now professionally equipped with our adventure parts is Biker Jo. He plans to take the Panamericana in stages under the chunky spoke wheels of his Harley-Davidson Pan Americana 1250 Special. You can find its fascinating history and the Wunderlich Adventure equipment of his Pan from page 70 onwards.

Two more ambitious travel stories, both featuring BMWs and inspiring in very different ways, take you to the island of Corsica (from page 6) and Down Under (from page 54).

The BMW S 1000 models enjoy great popularity, which is why we present our tried and tested components for the sporty four-cylinder R, XR and RR from page 28 onwards in our "Complete your ..." series. What many riders of the BMW S 1000 XR still lack is a decent suspension. More about this in #2 of INSIDE Wunderlich from page 30.

The heart of this centenarian is not dead! On the contrary. Let's celebrate the birthday with him and look ahead. You can find out who it is from page 38 onwards.

Starting on page 48, we introduce you to the SpeedCruiser. A driving machine par excellence that has lost none of its fascination and is also the favourite boxer of our managing director Frank Hoffmann.

In addition to the classic drive concept, electric mobility is increasingly establishing itself in the motorbike sector. So we will also turn to such concepts in the future, for example BMW's CE 04. Read more about the stylish scooter, how it rides and the special challenges involved in developing high-quality accessories from page 90 onwards.

Our MyBike campaign is also particularly popular, where you can upload a photo of yourself and your bike from your private photo album. We publish the first 10 bikes starting on page 94.

Last but not least, we recommend the witty column by our author Uli Böckmann. Philosophise with us! Page 96 onwards:

You see, we are not running out of exciting stories, on the contrary. And so we wish you a wonderful motorbiking autumn and lots of reading pleasure with the featured stories and many more in the #2 issue of our INSIDE Wunderlich magazine!

Yours, #TeamWunderlich

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