Christmas time means Advent time.

One, two, three, four! Four raffles at Wunderlich!

Win one of the 40 fantastic, valuable prizes for you and your BMW in one of our four Advent raffles before Christmas! Individual coupons, Wunderlich watches, exciting items, functional goods, things to keep you warm and lots more. You can win all of this!

You will be automatically entered into our big Advent raffle when you make a purchase in our Wunderlich-App or in our online shop on Saturday or Sunday of all Advent weekends. The same applies to any purchases you make on the Saturdays of Advent in the new shop at our company headquarters. This is also great opportunity to visit our huge exhibition!

Here are the prizes you can win on all Advent weekends:


1. Prize: Wunderlich coupons

A coupon for the value of your purchase receipt.


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2. Prize: Wunderlich men's watch – black

High quality Wunderlich men's watch: Casual. Sovereign. Pure.

With a value of 199,90 euros

Part No. 20991-002

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3. Prize: Wunderlich seat and luggage rack bag – black

Multi-functional bag that can be quickly and easily attached to the luggage rack or to the passenger seat.

With a value of 179,90 euros

Part No. 44150-000

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4. Prize: Wunderlich motorcycle cover indoor – blue 

Our aim is to safeguard the value of your bike over the long term. It is for this reason that we have brought in top quality protection.

With a value of 149,90 euros

Part No. 24130-001


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5. Prize: Wunderlich »BARBAG MEDIA« water-tight handlebar bag

For everything you need quickly to hand but that still requires the best protection - with practical sight window for operating multimedia devices.

With a value of 89,90 euros

Part No. 29870-302 size L


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6. Prize: Rack Pack Wunderlich Edition – black

The ultimate pack bag from Wunderlich. Easy to access through the opening on the top and more convenient to carry than other pack bags.

With a value of 69,90 euros

Part no. 25180-102


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7. Prize: Wunderlich Move sports backpack with drinking system

Our Move sports tank bag and the practical drinking system for everyone who hungers and thirsts for adventure.

With a value of 34,90 euros

Part No. 20862-203


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8. Prize: Wunderlich helmet carry strap – black

Who hasn't been there? After a nice ride you go for a little walk around the town. And of course, not only do you have to carry your heavy jacket around but your helmet too. Your hands are full so you can't even enjoy slurping a nice ice cream.

With a value of 14,90 euros

Part no. 44320-700


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9. Prize: Wunderlich hat – black

What does a hat by Wunderlich look like? So! Timeless and so functional that it fits every head! Nice and warm. Easy care. Without frills.

With a value of 15,90 euros

Part no. 25254-000


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10. Prize: Wunderlich multifunctional towel – black

The practical multifunctional cloth, proven a thousandfold times, in tubular form.

With a value of 9,90 euros

Part no. 25250-102


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You see? It's worth taking part and we'll be crossing our fingers for you! Best of luck to all the participants!

The raffles will be held on 02/12, 9/12, 16/12 and 23/12/2019. We will let the winners know what they've won.

We wish you a wonderful, festive Advent, lots of leisure and time with your families this Christmas!

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The judges' decision is final.

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