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Wunderlich K 1200 R Caranguejeira

Caranguejeira, a large Brazilian Tarantula spider: A nocturnal predator, active at twilight and night. Unlike many other native species, it does not rely on a web. The hungry Caranguejeira waits partially hidden at the entrance to its retreat to ambush passing prey, killing it by injecting venom through his fangs.

Not without reason did we give our radical K 1200 R concept bike this venomous name (the pronounceable designation of this bike is K 1200 R-C) .

The bike, born out of a collaboration of our design team with our designer is evidently a rather venomous machine.

The radical re-styling of the front section and the consequent application of design lines for the complete conversion give the Carangujeira a unique, aggressive looking appearance.

Caranguejeira spews its true venom only on the road. With the modified double air intake combined with BLUE air filters and the PerformanceController the R shows just who really is in charge.

The details and technical solutions are a showcase for the visionary thinking and technical perfection of our design and development team.

You can find further attachments and accessories for your K 1200 R in our shop.

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