Wunderlich R nineT Scrambler "Green Hell"

Here you can see the direct comparison to the original


"Green Hell"

Our interpretation of the R nineT Scrambler

Our newest take on the R nineT Scrambler doesn't just differ from the original in visual terms. Following this, we also blessed the model dubbed the "Green Hell" with a few technical highlights.

In addition to our immediately eye-catching tail section with integrated tail light, licence plate holder and beautiful, brushed aluminium mudguard this primarily includes the fully adjustable suspension. The Wunderlich Suspension Spring and Cartridge Kit helps our agile Scrambler not only with added height but also with outstanding riding properties. The equally adjustable paralever strut contributes to this too.

Behind the nostalgic looking Vintage TT light screen with the short, yellow screen sits just perfectly with the enduro-compatible SixDays handlebar conversion including height adjustment. Adjustable levers provide relief for the hands and gear pedal, stylish retro luggage solutions store all your travel utensils and the aluminium number plate gives the bike an attractive look.

Naturally, the appearance of the "Green Hell" is also characterised by one of our core competencies - active and passive safety. Crash bars and pads, protectors, manifold and engine protection go quite some way to making the Scrambler "unbreakable" while auxiliary headlights provide good visibility.

As with all current BMW models, we will also expand our product range for the "Green Hell" on a regular basis.

Here you can find the conversion parts for our Green Hell.

Crash Protectors DoubleShock R nineT Scrambler / Part No.: 42149-102
Exhaust flap cover / Part No.: 26930-002
Injection cover Set / Part No.: 26781-102
Brake caliper cover set / Part No.: 41980-102
Engine protection plate Dakar / Part No.: 26820-102
Wunderlich Header pipe protector / Part No.: 26900-101
Oil cooler guard / Part No.: 31961-102
Wunderlich intake grid Le Mans / Part No.: 42751-002
Hand guard “Clear Protect” / Part No.: 27520-501
Side stand enlarger / Part No.: 32421-202
/ Part No.: 44450-002
Wunderlich "MicroFlooter" LED auxiliary headlight / Part No.: 30476-102
Tank pad set 3 pieces / Part No.: 32561-002
Kellermann Bar End Turn Signal BL 2000 Set / Part No.: 36341-102
Tail section R nineT with tail light / Part No.: 44116-002
Retro-Sport R nineT number plate holder / Part No.: 38981-400
Fender mudguard R nineT / Part No.: 44850-500
Indicator set for licence plate holder SWING / Part No.: 36342-602
Fender Classic front R nineT Scrambler / Part No.: 44850-410
Brushed R nineT number plate set (special color) / Part No.: 44851-101
Tank adapter filler cap Monza & Aston R nineT / Part No.: 36881-600
Filler cap Monza 2.5 inch / Part No.: 36881-000
Safety oil filler plug / Part No.: 27440-003
Swingarm Pivot Cover classic design / Part No.: 28290-202
Wunderlich wing arm cap Classic right / Part No.: 34090-004
Clutch and brake reservoir cover set / Part No.: 27070-202
Footbrake reservoir cap / Part No.: 27070-001
Gearbox plug cover / Part No.: 28870-001
Cover for Paralever torque arm / Part No.: 34130-001
Paralever torque arm VARIO / Part No.: 26360-003
Cartridgekit Wunderlich Suspension 70mm higher
Wunderlich Suspension, 70mm higher
Wunderlich cockpit fairing "VINTAGE TT" R nineT (Black Storm Metallic or unpainted)
Tube clamp retro side bag 44115-220 (still under development)
Saddlebag holder retro right 44115-230 (still under development)
Retro side bag black 44115-212 (still under development)
Retro side bag brown 44115-202 (still under development)

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