Wunderlich Bob Job. WunderBob!

We’ve already developed 10 conversions of the R nineT at Wunderlich, so as to showcase the whole spectrum of options. An eleventh one has now been added as a result of our Bob Jobs: Our Bobber is going by the name of WunderBob!

In the 1940s and 1950s, American Bobbers were characterised by the guard of the front wheel being mounted over the rear wheel. The front wheel was then without a fender. The rear, lower finish of the guard was frequently exposed, which the Americans called Bob, hence the name Bobber. The machines were to be more lightweight and hence more powerful by discarding their cumbersome exterior. Added to this: a solo seat. In their casual, unmistakable appearance reduced to the essential basics, Bobbers polarised opinions much less than other styles, like the café racer. This may be due to its easy-going exterior with a laid-back seat position, which is transferred to riders, lending them and their Bobber a great deal of likeability.

That was the approach for our designer Nicolas Petit: The Bobber was to be more powerful, more lightweight and at the same time, emanate an air of nonchalance. The task was demanding, as Bobbers are usually built based on transversely installed two-cylinder V or inline engines, which offer much less structural and design restrictions owing to the spatial arrangement of the footrests alone.


Whoever knows us, knows that we enjoy challenging tasks and shun half-hearted solutions. Especially half-hearted retro! We devoted ourselves to the R nineT and developed a Bobber representing a contemporary interpretation of the Bob Jobs of the 40s and 50s, its appearance losing nothing of the R nineT. The result was a Bobber, which we duly christened with the name WunderBob. An independent machine, which – besides outstanding design – offers plenty of power and unexpectedly agile handling thanks to the carbon rims: all the ingredients for an honest and reliable mate on two wheels.

We plan to present the Wunder Bob to the public for the first time at the Intermot in Cologne in the autumn. After this, it will head to the EICMA 2018 in Milan. Of course, it will also be there for all to see at the Custombike Show at the beginning of December in Bad Salzuflen.

Of course, we have provided our WunderBob with the finest ingredients:


  • Footrest system Wunderlich 9T-VARIO (Item.-Nr.: 31430-702)
  • Fender front/rear Wunderlich
  • Lincense plate holder Wunderlich – Execution either swing or low
  • Black nubuk leather seat, tone in tone stitched to match the paint set
  • Noble dark blue, glossy paint set for fuel tank, seat carrier and upper and lower triple clamp
  • Seat frame tube black powder coated

Chassis and wheels

  • Chassis – Wunderlich Suspension 25 mm lowering


  • Handlebar Magura, fit to Bobber-Style, modified
  • Finest carbon rims from BST
  • Exhaust system: downpipes Remus, exhaust Speed Products
  • Tyres Pirelli

We have compiled a list of the currently available articles used on the WunderBob: 

Please note that some parts have been painted accordingly.

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