Wunderlich S 1000 RR "Curarê"

The poison used by Brazilian Indians on their arrow tips was the inspiration behind Wunderlich’s new "Poisoned Arrow", the S 1000 RR in its legendary racing colours, which comes equipped with a whole array of special components.

An absolute visual treat, boasting technical and ergonomic improvements, with significant weight reductions and well suited to long distance riding. The “Power Sportego” handlebar conversion offers a relaxed riding posture and greater ease of handling. The top yoke, weighing in at a mere 1800 g, machined out of high-tensile aluminium, TÜV certified and ideally suited for use with our strong, tapered aluminium handlebars, has a built-in connection for the brake line, thus ruling out any need for elaborate and costly conversion measures.

The easy-to-fit fairing extension and matching “DoubleBubble” sports screen give rise to optimised air flow deflection over a wider area and improved aerodynamic properties.

The “ActiveComfort” SportEgo seat delivers improved seat comfort and better hold in hang-offs. The non-slip upholstery means that more force is transmitted into the seat when you decelerate, providing relief for all your muscles. The seat is also available in versions with a (2 to 4cm) higher cushion, with an effect on the handling that is nothing short of revolutionary. The rider can move the bike beneath him or her significantly more effectively over the centre of gravity. Cornering is noticeably lighter, and the bike's agility is increased in all riding situations.

Wunderlich offsets the extra weight with masses of carbon fibre and titanium: a measure that makes as much sense technically as it does visually. An ultra-lightweight SBK sports exhaust with titanium header pipes looks after things in the sound department.

Just as much attention is paid to optimising performance characteristics. For instance, the torque development is optimised by means of an intermediate Performance Box, resulting in spontaneous high acceleration with finely tuned control characteristics.

Overview of the built-in main components:

  •    “PowerSportego” handlebar conversion
  •     “VarioLever” hand levers adjustable in length and reach
  •     “ActiveComfort” SportErgo seat
  •     “DoubleBubble" sports screen
  •     Easy tail conversion
  •     Wunderlich aluminium number plate carrier
  •    Kellermann indicators with built-in brake/rear light (rear)
  •     Wunderlich crash protectors
  •     RACE locking oil plug with cable-fastening fixture
  •    “Race” front indicator conversion
  •     Sports exhaust system
  •     Performance-Controller

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