Discover our Wunderlich blue docking points - Just dock

The idea that emerged from a joke idea has what it takes to make a visit to the exhibition hall at our company headquarters even more entertaining.

Since 2021, we have equipped all exhibition bikes with our Wunderlich-blue, so-called docking point.


The docking points invite you to "hang up" your smartphone. Quite automatically - similar to the scan of a QR code - the landing page of the corresponding Wunderlich BMW opens in the smartphone with everything you need to know: with a brief description of the bike, a picture and video gallery, the equipment list. If you like, you can keep the link in your smartphone to have all the information later or share it with friends. All you need is an NFC-capable smartphone, possibly with one that has an NFC app.

What initially arouses the curiosity of many visitors is an innovative Wunderlich exhibition feature with entertainment value.

This system is designed in such a way that our customers can use it not only in our exhibition hall, but on each of our motorbikes equipped with the docking point. For example at events and trade fairs, at the latest when they take place again. And if one of our Wunderlich concept BMWs is parked at a rest area in the Eifel, the vehicle information can also be called up there simply and conveniently via the docking point.

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