Inside Wunderlich

Inside Wunderlich is an invitation to you

Entertaining and interactive - the idea, the concept of Inside Wunderlich had been lying in the drawer for some time. With Stefan Nebel we are now putting it into practice. The format of this video series is interactive: The topics are based on your questions about Wunderlich, about the motorbike.

Inside Wunderlich is an invitation to you, the topics are open, multi-layered, inexhaustible and they revolve around our components, people, our company, campaigns as well as trips and rallies.

Be curious!

» Wunderlich brand ambassador Stefan Nebel

Program Recommendation

Stefan Nebel moderates a new edition of “Inside Wunderlich” starting with an absolute highlight and reveals a secret

In this edition of “Inside Wunderlich”, he presents you with no less than the new, brilliant milestone that’s at the very forefront of the sensational Wunderlich concept bike!

Get ready: When puristic design teams up with the essence of coolness, nonchalance and independence, the time is right to discover the BMW R 18 for the first time! Our concept bike tells a story – a story of minimalism and style!

Get set for the official introduction of our highlight and enjoy the witty talk between our moderator and brand ambassador, Stefan Nebel, and his guest: Wunderlich CEO Frank Hoffmann!

When and where? The official launch will take place on Saturday, 10th July 2021 at 6:00 pm on our Youtube channel »Inside Wunderlich«.

We heartily invite you to be there!

» Here's a little teaser

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