From the Wunderlich racing department

The spectrum of successful motorsporting activities Wunderlich Motorsport has taken part in is enormous and in 2017 ranged from taking part in endurance races to road races, through to the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the most outstanding and challenging of all mountain races in the USA. The drivers for this ambitious commitment are Erich Wunderlich and Frank Hoffmann.

Preview - upcoming races

Termin: Rennen: Ort: Land:
21. April 2018 1. Rennen RLC (6 Stunden) Nürburgring Deutschland
06. Mai 2018 2. Rennen RLC (800 Meilen) Nürburgring Deutschland
24. Juni 2018 3. Rennen RLC (6 Stunden) Nürburgring Deutschland

Outlook for 2018

The successes achieved by Wunderlich Motorsport have naturally awakened our sporting spirit, so we’d like to face further exciting challenges in 2018 too. Alongside endurance, circuit, road and mountain races, once again this will also include rallies in 2018.

Endurance/circuit races

We are obligated to defend the title in the Reinoldus Endurance Cup 2018 with our riders Thilo Günther, Frank Hoffmann and Sebastian Klettke and have already fixed the date in our diary.

In addition to this, our experienced endurance team will be taking part in THE traditional event coming up soon, the “1000 km Hockenheim” on Easter Sunday 2018, as well as the EWC (Endurance World Championship) on 9 June 2018. The prerequisite is that we’ll get a wildcard.

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Historic motorsport

We’ll also be taking part in one or two races in 2018 with our twin-valve Boxer racing bike as part of historic motorsport events.

A look back at 2017

You can find a short review of 2017 and informative links here

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