Victory in the Endurance Class at the Nürburgring!

First place in the Endurance Class for our successful MOTORSPORT endurance team during the third race of the Reinoldus Endurance Cup (RLC) on 24 June 2018 at the Nürburgring’s Grand Prix circuit.

For our MOTORSPORT team, the Reinoldus Endurance Cup at the Nürburgring was all about going “around the ring”. Even though Frank Hoffmann, the main driver and Wunderlich managing director, was racing with Thilo Günther, the second main driver, in the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the US, this was not enough to stop the team at the Ring from bagging the win at the RLC. With Sebastian Klettke and two excellent replacement drivers in the form of Sascha Schoder and Maximilian Weihe, we managed to secure a firm first place with our Wunderlich S 1000 RR in the Eifel region.

The third race of the Reinoldus Cup on the Nürburgring’s Grand Prix circuit started in cold, unfavourable weather. During the training session, we managed to secure second place in the Endurance Class for our BMW S 1000 RR, which was perfectly prepared from a technical standpoint. Sascha Schoder managed to achieve a spotless Le Mans start, initially ending up in second place behind the strong Viva Racing team on an Aprilia. Following a scheduled, smooth race, where our pit crew again did a top job, after two thirds of the distance we were leading the field, and managed to defend our position right to the very end.

This victory means that our Wunderlich MOTORSPORT team is now in second place in the Endurance Class. The two remaining races on 2 September and 3 October 2018 will therefore be eagerly anticipated.

Reinoldus Endurance Cup – 800 miles | Suspenseful and dramatic

Wunderlich MOTORSPORT on a BMW S 1000 RR during the 800 mile endurance race

On 6 may 2018 and in beautiful weather, we took part in the 800 mile race on the Nürburgring’s Grand Prix circuit as part of the Reinoldus Endurance Cup (RLC). Following on from the six-hour race in April, the 800 miles are the second race of this year’s RLC. With a circuit length of 1280 kilometres, or up to nine hours, this race is extremely challenging for the riders, motorcycles and teams, and also with respect to the racing strategy. This is because everything has to work – from both a technical and a mental standpoint!

Not only is the 800 mile race the longest race in the RLC, it is also the longest motorcycle race in Germany. Races in the RLC are normally limited to six hours.

Our Wunderlich Motorsport team found a good rhythm from the start with our riders Frank Hoffmann, Sebastian Klettke and Thilo Günther, and grew into the race. During the first few laps and hours, it was all about properly maintaining second place and keeping close to the leader.

During an unfortunate double yellow phase, our rider Thilo Günther was too fast in the heat of the moment and was promptly awarded a 30 second Stop and Go penalty. Despite the time penalty, our team made its way back up to second place behind the Viva Racing team on an Aprilia, which, however, took advantage of the situation and lengthened its lead.

Despite a modified racing strategy, longer stints, having the knife between our teeth and maximum attacks on the RR, the Viva team was simply in a more fortunate position. We ultimately managed to shorten the lead, but were unable to take it.

We are proud of what was in the end our hard-earned second place in the 800 mile race, just as we are of the entire team, our riders and the pit crew! We were particularly delighted to receive numerous visitors, who were following the dramatic race and eagerly watching the action with us, in our pit.

New race – new luck: We’re already looking forward to the next RLC race and to seeing you there!