Wunderlich ULTIMATE Tank Protection Bars R 1300 GS - stainless steel

Part No. 13210-000



Available as from the beginning of August 2024
Delivery time from stock availability 3-5 working days

Wunderlich Tank Protection Bar ULTIMATE - Perfect, effective protection for the tank and tank side panels of your BMW R 1300 GS

Function and Product Features

  • Wunderlich ULTIMATE Tank Protection Bars are designed without compromise for their protective capabilities during Adventure Riding.
  • Maximum protection is achieved through a rigidly constructed tubular design and carefully selected materials.
  • Even distribution of forces and moments on the attachment points on the right and left sides.
  • Well-thought-out all-around protection concept to optimize passive safety.
  • Protection for exposed water coolers, tank side panels, and the front section.
  • Recommended for use with:
    • Wunderlich ULTIMATE and GUARD Engine Protection Bars
  • Fits in combination with:
    • Original engine protection bars
    • Original cylinder head protectors
    • Original BMW additional headlights
  • Perfect, integrated, model-specific design - the shape of the bars precisely matches the contour of the front section.
  • Perfect, model-specific fit.
  • Easy Plug & Play installation: straightforward mounting using existing attachment points, including detailed installation instructions.
  • Note 1: When used with the original BMW engine protection bar, please also order the adapter kit #13211-000.
  • Note 2: When equipping the BMW R 1300 GS simultaneously with the tank protection bar ULTIMATE and the additional headlights MICROFLOOTER 3.0, their installation requires the use of #13292-002 Installation Kit for Additional Headlights MICROFLOOTER 3.0.

Technical Specifications

  • Material
    • Precision stainless steel tubing with high tensile strength and elongation, meticulously handcrafted, precisely shaped with radii on CNC tube bending machines, and then expertly welded with clean seams. The stainless steel surface is carefully finished, bead-blasted, and finally electropolished.
  • Dimensions
    • Tubing diameter of 18 and 25 millimeters.
  • Color
    • Stainless steel color.

Your Wunderlich Benefits

  • Wunderlich Premium Product.
  • Small series. Handcrafted.
  • Wunderlich Design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Germany
  • Wunderlich 60/5
    • 60 days return policy - Test without risk!
    • 5-year warranty

ULTIMATE tank protection bars are uncompromisingly designed for protective performance in adventure riding

World-traveling Adventure Riders know this: There are days when the motorcycle falls over more than once because the conditions are unlike anything you can imagine in civilized and developed Europe, with its extensive road network. Or simply because, due to physical exertion, heat, or cold, you may lack the strength and endurance to keep the bike upright. Beyond civilization, it is all the more important to be on the road with reliable equipment that can withstand the material stress associated with it and simply endure without failing. It can be crucial to remain mobile, in constant motion, and independent to maximize personal safety by reducing potential risks.

This Wunderlich ULTIMATE Tank Protection Bar is specifically designed for Adventure Riding and reliably protects not only the tank but also the bodywork, the front section, and the highly vulnerable water cooler units. When combined with the Wunderlich ULTIMATE Engine Protection Bar, it forms a well-thought-out all-around protection concept for passive safety: In the event of a fall or tip-over, the forces are optimally distributed across the protection bar structure to the sturdy attachment points, reducing peak forces and moments. Visually, the protection bar integrates seamlessly with the motorcycle's design and enhances its distinctive appearance. The tank protection bar is made from a combination of 25 and 18 millimeter precision stainless steel tubing. These consist of tube segments that are model-specifically shaped on CNC tube bending machines and then cleanly welded together.

With our ULTIMATE Protection Bars, protection and product design take center stage. The tank protection bar safeguards and enhances your BMW in a high-quality manner.

Product type: Bike protection
Color: stainless steel
5 Jahre Garantie 60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany

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