Wunderlich F 800 GS Adventure

F 800 GS Adventure – as far as the wheels can carry

BMW positioned the F 800 GS Adventure absolutely clear. „No matter how far you will travel or on which terrain: with the F 800 GS Adventure you could conquer any adventure". That’s what the company from Munich is promising.

And they are right! We have tested this extremely felicitous adventure motorcycle on nearly every kind of ground; we drove on holey asphalt of curvy mountain roads, on washed sand and stone lines and we rode also on the fast tracks of fantastic passes. Our 800 turned out to be an universal travelling genius. This is not at least a result of our additions, which we have mounted at the two-cylinder for our tours.

Besides an extensive luggage system, consisting of proven top cases, our Elephant tank bag, the Elephant seat bag and an useful top yoke enlargement, we also provide the driver the ergonomic perfect and fully adjustable VarioLever clutch and brake levers and a mirror extension. Our solid engine protector and our stable protection grill for the headlights and the additional lights prevent the 800 from costly damage. Several protection and covering elements complete the value retention and the optics of this extremely agile Enduro.

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