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Wunderlich F 800 GS "Jacare"

The Brazilian “Jacaré anão”, known in English as "Cuvier’s dwarf caiman", is a light, long-legged representative of the caiman species with a nasty bite.

Just as eager to go on the offensive and just as aggressive is our concept bike, which offers way more possibilities than the somewhat meek F 800 GS. Lightweight, sporty and extremely agile, it is intended to uphold the ideals of the R 80 G/S while showing just what is possible. We tailored this special GS to the personal requirements of no less a personality than our own “works rider” and four-time German champion Dirk Thelen.

When in 2008 we hit on the idea of conjuring up a competitive motorbike out of the meek and mild F 800 GS we had no idea of the huge outlay of time and expense that was waiting for us.

What has emerged is a completely reworked motorbike which is sensationally light and, thanks to the many innovations and classy materials, boasts sensational ride characteristics.

Big fat weight savings of 30 kg and a significantly lighter front end render possible a whole new set of riding manoeuvres – both on- and off-road.
The Jacaré‘s smooth tank and side fairings allow for maximum freedom of movement off-road and will survive a spill, which is not something you can say of the opulent yet vulnerable plastic ornamentation that graces the original.

The powerful Hella headlights in ellipsoid (low-beam) and Xenon (full-beam) construction provide excellent illumination.

The aggressive front mask, drawn right through to the tail, is a real eye-catcher – at first glance the tail doesn't appear to include a rear light. This is built into the little Kellermann indicators, as is the brake light.

n order to bring about a slim tail the Wunderlich technicians have banished the tank filler plug under the seat, which is now removed in a matter of seconds using a rip cord.

The low weight and envisaged area of use mean that the toughened glass stopper is now adequate for all purposes. The ABS, completely incompatible with sports use, has been ditched, and a Wunderlich front wheel hub machined out of solid metal also shows solid quality in detail - "Made in Germany".

The Performance Controller, tuned by Wunderlich, guarantees a dynamic response across the entire RPM range and instantaneous revving.

Ideal foils to this are the perfectly tuned Öhlins shock element and outstandingly tuned forks, and sure grip is provided by the Conti TKC-80 tyres. For off-road use the bike is shod with new Conti “Intermediate” off-road sports tyres.

As the “Jacaré” was developed from the very first draft as a prototype, Wunderlich developed a clearly defined and comfortable ERGO seat and gave the top yoke construction, machined out of solid metal, an adjustable handlebar clamp. The many high-quality components, such as the adjustable, roller-bearing-mounted and retractable gear lever, the light footrests machined out of solid aluminium and the patented "VarioLever" hand levers, all serve to make looking at the “Jacaré” a fascinating voyage of discovery.

So all that’s left to say is: “may you never be lacking in bite”.

Components of our concept:

  • Tank/tail fairing (glass-fibre reinforced plastic/Kevlar hybrid)
  • PerformanceController
  • “TriQ” top yoke set
  • Front mask with XENON headlights
  • Lightweight tail conversion
  • “Extreme” engine protector
  • “ERGO Sport" seat
  • Kellermann indicators with built-in brake/rear light (rear))
  • Sport exhaust system

Phone: +34 900 802474
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