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Wunderlich F 800 GS "Neckam"

F 800 GS “Neckam” – the agile alternative to the “Adventure”. All the diversity of Wunderlich in one single vehicle type.

The name “Neckam” is a nod to Alexander Neckam, who is said to have invented the compass. The compass, in the form of a stylized ‘W’, is a central element of the design.

The F 800 GS NECKAM’s basic design meets the wishes of many customers for maximum ride comfort along with the options of ample storage space, safety and individuality. The NECKAM is the result of intensive development work and copious test rides.

But by what right does this GS qualify as a globetrotting, nimble alternative to the great Adventure? Well, let’s start with the optimised seating posture that fully meets the rider’s ergonomic needs. The ERGO footrest relocation kits allow the legs to extend, ensuring an optimum posture in every situation, whereas the ERGO handlebar riser allows the upper body to relax and noticeably improves the rider’s feel for the bike. Ideal protection from wind is ably provided by the ERGO Screen, which has a model to please every kind of rider and provides the right protection to meet every need in all conditions of use.

A further small but not insignificant contribution to rider wellbeing is made by the hand protectors that, unlike the originals, actually work, especially in cold and wet conditions. They ensure that your hands don‘t get cold so fast.

The side stand enlarger, which allows you to prop up your bike even on the sandiest terrain, and the custom-made NECKAM protection bar, which blends smoothly into the overall appearance and demonstrates superior impact absorbing qualities, are almost standard on the GS for many riders. Engine, oil filter and water cooler (radiator) protectors round off the protective programme to perfection.

So that you can continue to enjoy your ride, even when the GS is fully laden, we have developed some custom-made luggage systems for you. The most important thing is for the weight to be concentrated as close as possible to the bike’s centre of gravity. With our spacious and smart tank bag, seat bag and new aluminium case series, we have accomplished this in style. If you need more storage space you can also quickly add the roomy “Backpacker” bags to the BMW panniers, providing an extra 15 litres of storage space and easily fixed in place using strong loop fastener and extra strap.

And, to finish with, our crowning innovation has been to team up with Mark Dobeck (inventor of electronic performance optimisation) to optimise 4the performance to such an extent that it now easily keeps pace with the R 1200 GS Adventure. The rider is guaranteed an enjoyable ride like never before - and, thanks to the low weight, the best performance of any GS model!

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