Wunderlich F 800 R "Toxico Azureus"

Beautiful, blue and so poisonous that you need to register with the authorities to keep it – the blue poison dart frog, Tòxico Azureus. Beautiful, blue, and poisonous – like the latest 800-series model to roll out of the Wunderlich development lab. The concept: Futuristic retro design – it sounds like a contradiction, but, together, Pamela Baehr and Wunderlich's development engineers have made it a reality. The design student of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main, Germany, developed a concept bike based on the BMW F800R. With the moniker "Tòxico Azureus", the old-school bike first came into being in the town of Sinzig and carries the name of the legendary poison dart frog The project's design goal was to combine classic elements such as round headlights with integrated fittings, spoke wheels, and pinstripes with the contemporary angular styling of the original Ram Air and tank panelling.

The result was a motorbike that put the emphasis on modern components and materials. Pamela Baehr calls it "carbon instead of chrome", and not only gave the 800 a completely new cockpit, but also a brand-new, refreshing design. . Rounding off the classic look are attractive Fat Spoke wheels, a robust titanium silencer with a carbon end cap, and succinct decor with classic style elements and negative pinstripe lacquering on the carbon panelling.

As well as the exciting new exterior, the Wunderlich engineers also gave the F800R a completely new, state-of-the-art suspension. The brand-new Street Performance Line shock absorber from Öhlins, in connection with a racing closed cartridge in the fork, effectively makes the BMW a completely new bike. The team from Sinzig also reduced the rotating weights with a lighter chain from DID Racing Chains and high-quality, ultra-lightweight Kineo spoke wheels. The performance controller, sports exhaust and blue sports air filter provide an extra kick. Suitable for everyday use, yet incredibly agile, the blue poison dart frog gives the rider a superb feel for the road's surface.

And since all of the suspension modifications can also be approved for public roads, the Tòxico Azureus is doubly attractive for the dedicated motorcyclist.

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