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Wunderlich K 1200 GT LPG conversion

K 1200 GT LPG conversion

A further trend-setting concept from Wunderlich!

We were the first company to bring a LP gas-powered motorcycle into being with TÜV approval, based on the K 1200 GT (up to 2006 models).

The first “bi-fuel motorcycle” that runs both on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petrol.

Strenuous test rides like a record trip to Moscow and back were masterfully completed.

Equipped with a 10 liter gas tank in the top case, the range of the K 1200 GT increases by about 200 kilometers. Practically no difference can be felt between operation on gas and petrol. This concept was the inspiration for many a company to take up our idea and market it.

This is a concept bike - but you can find more accessories for your K 1200 GT in our shop!

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