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R 1200 RT Tarantula

The Tarantula


RT – probably no other abbreviation represents better a classic travelling motorcycle than the model name of the BMW Touring Boxer. For more than 30 years, the Bavarians have been proving with this bike their long distance travelling competence. The passengers sit well-protected behind a nearly perfect fairing and can enjoy the sovereignty of the torquey boxer. There is no need to explain more about the concept of the RT. The abbreviation RT is almost self explaining.


With our Tarantula we have once again met our claim to make good things even better. We did not only change the optical line, we also upgraded the sectors Safety and Ergonomic. Our engine – and luggage protection bars prevent our RT from costly damage in case of a crash or tipping over. The complex fairing supplements protect the RT crew additionally and completely against the vagaries of weather. Comfortable ERGO seats, adjustable ERGO brake and clutch levers, the perfectly shaped Marathon Screen as well as other amenities facilitate many hours of cruising.  Our Elephant tank bag, the top case rail and the handlebar bag could carry additional luggage.


It’s quite clear, for First-Class Touring you need our RT – the Tarantula.

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