Our partners

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our business partners, with whom we regularly work. In the interests of our customers, we apply to ourselves and to our external partners the highest quality standards. And we are convinced that, concerning our partners, we have made the perfect choice.



IMTBIKE is the specialist for guided motorcycle tours on BMW motorcycles in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, as well as for motorcycle rental on the Iberian Peninsula. They're has been the official partner of BMW motor- cycles since 1997. We're happy to have gained IMT as our premium tour partner. 

EN: www.imtbike.com

PT/BR: www.imtbike.com/pt-br

ES: www.imtbike.es                    


Biker-Betten is the specialist for motorcyclist friendly accommodations. We appreciate the tips and support of the tourism experts from the Fuldatal. The address of their highly interesting website is www.bikerbetten.de





Feelgood Tours

Feelgood Tours is our qualified partner in the area of motorcycle tours. The professionals from Feelgood are specialised in motorcycle tours, especially in northern Europe. At long last, you can book yourself a journey to Mölln, but also a tour to Greece, Spain, Scotland, or Tuscany. www.feelgoodreisen.de.





Bikerszene is the leading internet community concerning the topic motorcycle. It is entertaining and informative, highly interesting and always up to date. Visit them on facebook or on their website at www.bikerszene.de


1000PS.at and 1000PS.de are the primary German-speaking motorcycle sites on the internet. Since 2001, interested motorcycle, scooter, and quad bike drivers have found editorial information and offerings on this motorcycle portal. A forum rounds out the portal. The 1000PS team regularly reports on us and our projects.


The Italian motorcycle portal moto.it offers a wide range of news from around the world and all the need-to-know about the motorcycle scene on a daily basis. We work with the Italians closely and with pleasure.    



CRAFTRAD, the "Magazine for Motorcycle Culture," has declared for itself a mission: "Our mission is to join together excitement for motorcycles with the joy of living!" We help with this with pleasure and work together towards the same goal. 



The specialists for motorcycle tires have their headquarter in the northern Hessian city Korbach and they are our partner No.1 if we need tires for our bikes. For many years now, we have a strong partnership. You will find more information at www.continental-reifen.de


Metzeler motorcycle tires are guaranteed for grip and driving pleasure. Its experienced tire specialists always know how to impress with their new developments. Thus, we have equipped a portion of our vehicle fleet with tires from Metzeler.


Since 1901 the Italian Company Pirelli has devoted itself to the manufacturing of our tires. Whether on the circuit, the highway, or off the asphalt, the Milanese products are sure to convince. We have used them on a portion of our fleet, for a cost.


Doc Scholl


Dr. Scholl is racing driver as well as race doctor and organizes his own outstanding trainings at the Nürburgring, in Calafat, in Italy and at many other locations. The complete program can be found at www.doc-scholl.de

Motorrad action team

Nowhere can one find such well-trained and motivated motorcycle instructors who contribute their knowledge as sound advice in small segments, or as great a selection of training varieties. We are involved in and support the motorcycle action team - for additional fun and security.

Dirk Thelen

As is generally known, we only sell what we have already tested extensively For this, we need professionals. The many-time German Enduro Champion and winner of the Enduro Rally Cup, Dirk Thelen, is among the best in his craft and is regularly on the road for us. We at Wunderlich are happy to have Dirk on our team.


Hepco & Becker


The cooperation with Hepco & Becker, the manufacturer of motorcycle accessory parts, is based on many years of collaboration and numerous projects. The Palatine company manufactures many of our products with a high quality standard. www.hepco-becker.de


Our partnership with Schuberth, one of the leading motorcycle helmet manufacturers, is quite new. Schuberth presents helmets which are safer, quieter, lighter and more comfortable. All information is available at www.schuberth.de

Lackiercenter Weyers

As for the painting of our motorcycles, we entrust this to the Weyers painting centre in Bad Neuenhar-Ahrweiler. Norbert Weyers is a master of his craft and has been with the company for 30 years, and his work is of the highest quality. All of the information is online: www.lcw-aw.de



For the worldwide transport of our motorcycles we always choose the logistics specialists of the forwarding agency Zufall. They transport every bike safely and competent around the world. The address of their website is: www.zufall.de