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Wunderlich has recently moved into its new company headquarter in the Innovation Park Rheinland on the A61 motorway. Now the next important milestone for this successful mid-size brand is already on the agenda: In 2020 the company will be celebrating its 35th anniversary!


Urban Mobility and Wunderlich

The name Wunderlich inevitably brings to mind the many innovative and functional products for BMW Motorrad's large model series. It’s hard to imagine a GS, RT, R nineT or S 1000 XR without Wunderlich components. The extensive Wunderlich range leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to equipping or converting a BMW motorcycle with professional equipment. From now on Wunderlich will also be dedicating its many years of know-how to the topic of "Urban Mobility", specifically to BMW’s new mid-size scooters, the C 400 GT and C 400 X. 

Frank Hoffmann, Wunderlich’s Managing Director, says: "We are delighted that our components are not only in high demand on the Italian, French and Spanish markets, but that this demand is also constantly growing, and that we are very successful. That is why we have been following the promising development of the popular scooters, especially BMW’s C 400 series, with great interest since they made their appearance. The reasons for this are obvious: For anyone who wants or has to get to their destination quickly and safely on a regular basis in vibrant large cities, a mid-size scooter is not only perfectly adapted for this, it is also extremely good fun and enjoyable. And, by the way, it also helps reduce the road space required by both moving and stationary traffic. Good reason then for focussing all our attention on the BMW scooters in the urban playground. That's why we started and pushed forward with the development of suitable components in parallel with the appearance of the scooters. 

We are very pleased presenting our two concepts for the GT and the X model to the public for the first time here at EICMA 2019 in Milan, in Italy! With our many years of extensive experience and our know-how in the development and manufacturing of model-specific components for BMW motorcycles, it was very easy for us to transfer our competence and expertise to the scooters. We’ve equipped them with specially-developed, high-quality components and I would like to mention just three of them here: Our Business Bag, integrated underneath the cockpit, our system protection guard and our aerodynamically sophisticated, unique “MARATHON Airvented” touring screen. We would like to underline the seriousness of our commitment and the importance we attach to the Urban Mobility division and heartily welcome you to the Wunderlich Scooter World! "


All the information on Wunderlich components for BMW’s mid-size scooters are available online: www.wunderlich-scooterworld.com

Product-News for the BMW C 400-models

Wunderlich Windshield »MARATHON«

Our elegant, transparent »MARATHON« windshield provides optimum comfort and protection in the urban environment, on long tours and at high speeds

Information is available here ...

Windshield »MARATHON AIRVENTED« with adjustable ventilation

With the increasing temperatures in summer, cities in particular packed full of buildings and the plethora of tarmac-paved or cobbled streets heat up considerably. 

More Information is available here ...

Wunderlich System protection bar 

Tailored, perfectly integrated and sophisticated system protection bar for the BMW Scooter

You can find all product information about the protection bar here ...

Wunderlich business bag

Tailored, perfectly integrated and waterproof business bag for the BMW Scooters. Equipped with a main pocket and smaller side pocket with a zip, it offers lots of space for all your utensils.

Further product information is available here ...

The R nineT /5 in Wunderlich trim

In addition to the scooters, the BMW specialists presented their interpretation of the new R nineT /5, which has been refined with numerous new, but also proven and well-known components from the large BOXER-SPIRIT range. The R nineT /5 looks even more authentic with its Wunderlich components: These are the lined "DAYTONA" headlamp fairing and the eye-catching, matching lined rear fender. The connoisseur won’t fail to notice that, in principle, visually it goes with the rear conversion of the Wunderlich Bobber "WunderBob". But in the case of the /5 it achieves a completely different, new effect and clearly shows how diverse and versatile the modular system for the Wunderlich R nineT is. The matching number plate holder, the "9T-VARIO" footrest system, classic chrome engine guards, Wunderlich Suspension and much more complete the impression.


All the information on Wunderlich components for the BMW R nineT are available online:

» Highlights BMW R nineT /5

R nineT

Tank bag for the R nineT models

The developers at Wunderlich took the word tank-backpack literally. So what did they come up with?

All the info is available here...

R 1250 ShiftCam-Boxer

Wunderlich valve cover & cylinder protectors »EXTREM« for the R 1250 ShiftCam-Boxer

The innovative valve cover protector is recommended for the 1250 Shiftcam-Boxer. Not only for the valve covers, but also - in case of an emergency - for the protection of the expensive Shiftcam valve train.

Further product information is available here ...

R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure »EXTREME« engine and header pipe protection

With the »EXTREME« engine and header pipe protection, the BMW specialists from Grafschaft-Ringen are not only breaking new ground in production technology. The elaborately designed protection is produced using the hydroforming process, which brings several advantages at the same time. 

Read more here …

Engine protection cover for all R 1200 LC-models & R 1250 Shiftcamboxer

The Wunderlich engine protection cover protects the "hero's chest" belt cover of the Shiftcam boxer against the consequences of road dirt, rockfall and spray, which get whirled up by the front wheel. 

You can find out everything about the engine cover here…

Tank protection bar bags for the R 1250 GS Adventure

From the Wunderlich "ELEPHANT & CO.” bag series come the tank protection bar bags.

All information on these smart travel companions is available here...

Reinforcement bar for the original engine protection bar of the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

This sophisticated reinforcing bar stabilizes the original engine protection bar of the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure. 

More information on this small measure with a big effect is available here ...

Wunderlich footrest pad for R 1250 GS Adventure & R 1200 GS LC Adventure

For anyone who values comfortable footrests beyond off-road use, then this footrest support is just right for you.

Information is available here ...

Wunderlich luggage rails

Who hasn't been there? The suitcases are full or they’re too small. Wunderlich has a functional and shapely solution for excess baggage with its luggage rails for the R 1250 RT.

You can find all product information about the luggage rails here ...

F 750/850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure

Sport tank bag for the F 850 GS Adventure

Also from the well-known »ELEPHANT« series: The Sport tank bag. This one is suitable for the F 750/850 GS models. Ideal in size as a daily, reliable companion.

Here you will find all informations ...

Headlamp protector for the F 850 GS Adventure

For off-road and long journeys. The Wunderlich headlamp protector is available in two versions. Discreet with glass lens or eye-catching with protective grill.

Information on both is available here...

Rear wheel cover for the F 750/850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure

Wetness, road dirt and swirled-up spray is easy to avoid. Wunderlich's rear wheel cover provides double protection: The full complement and the technology. 

More information is available here...


Key pouch with RFID blocker

The comfort of the Keyless Go technology is undisputed.  Yet - and sadly many people don't know about this - the technology that makes our lives so easy and comfortable is accessible to other. But Wunderlich creates a remedy with a key case with integrated RFID blocker.


Find out more here…

International On-/Offroad catalog and BOXER-SPIRIT catalog

New, sustainable and international: Wunderlich catalog 2020

This is the four-language, international On-/Offroad catalog as well as the English edition of the extraordinary BOXER-SPIRIT catalog. As part of the consistent expansion of the Wunderlich BLAU sustainability initiative, Wunderlich is making a further contribution towards environmental protection and is now printing all its catalogs climate-neutrally and on FSC®-certified paper. 


Wunderlich's International On-/Offroad catalog

Appetizer and overview in one

Wunderlich's international catalog offers an impressive overview in four languages (EN, FR, ES, IT) of the huge spectrum of high-quality components offered by the BMW accessory specialists. The range covers all current BMW model series from the R 1250 ShiftCam Boxer to the G 310 models and from the F 750/850 GS models, the S 1000 R, RR, and XR to the K 1600 and its variants. The R nineT and the Scooter World with C 400 GT and C 400 X are not to be missed either.

As with the BOXER-SPIRIT catalog, Wunderlich has again supplemented, further developed and expanded the editorial part of the international catalog in the same way. It offers a lot of interesting tips, exciting background information on the development principles applied at Wunderlich, the ultra-modern production technologies and the materials used. With the extended information section, the authors would like to present the three pillars that make up the Wunderlich leitmotiv »Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.« even more clearly. The reader thus gains a deep insight into the brand and brand understanding at Wunderlich.

Over 520 pages, printed on climate-neutral, FSC®-certified paper, English | French | Spanish | Italian

We will be pleased to present you with your personal copy of the catalog at our exhibition stand in Hall 15 | Stand U47. We look forward to seeing you there!

» Here you can order the International On-/Offroad catalog


Wunderlich has further developed and expanded the inviting visual language and layout of the BOXER-SPIRIT catalog. It offers a lot of interesting tips, as well as exciting background information on the development principles applied at Wunderlich, the ultra-modern production technologies and the materials used. With the extended information section, the authors would like to present the three pillars that make up the Wunderlich leitmotiv “Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.” even more clearly. The reader thus gains a deep insight into the brand and brand understanding at Wunderlich.

The first part of the catalog, dedicated to the R nineT models, comprises a diverse, carefully coordinated range - you are almost tempted to call it a construction kit - of more than 1,400 high-quality components. The highlight is Wunderlich’s interpretation of the R nineT /5 which made its appearance in summer. The twelfth Wunderlich R nineT conversion, makes up the dozen. In the second part of the catalog, "Classic by Wunderlich", the BMW accessory specialists have focused in particular on their own products, such as the chassis struts and the rear conversion for the Airhead-Boxer, which they will be concentrating on more in the future.

420 pages, printed on climate-neutral, FSC®-certified paper, available in German or English.

»Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.« What does that actually mean?

For those interested in the Wunderlich brand and its brand understanding, the history of the company or research and development, we urge you to read our in-house brand brochure. Here the BMW specialists vividly explain the three pillars on which the leitmotif "Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW." is based. 

Wunderlich. The brand. Philosophy and attitude.

The Wunderlich image brochure

"Within the company we have long since taken an organically developed attitude of silence on our products, quality and not least, our customers. So it was about time to describe the matured core of our brand, our philosophy and our attitude. The values that drive us are characterised from the start by our focus on BMW motorcycles and the competence we have developed for them. The basis for our innovative high-quality Wunderlich components is thus on the specific expertise we have honed over the years. Know-how and expertise that we have continuously developed and that goes into every one of our products", said Frank Hoffmann, Wunderlich CEO, at the official presentation of the new edition of the brand and company brochure for EICMA 2019. "Our leitmotiv 'Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW” brings together our manufacturing by hand, our concept of quality and our responsibility for sustainability with the significant aspects that guide us. In this regard, I can say that we have been paying increasing attention to our responsibility towards people and nature in addition to our claim to technological innovation with our 'Wunderlich BLAU' initiative for over two years. This commitment can be energy and resource reduction measures, more efficient manufacturing and logistics processes, but could also be social commitment. All of this describes the Wunderlich brand and we have put it down on paper in five languages in our brand and company brochure." 

You can find out more about Wunderlich and leaf through our image brochure "Wunderlich - The brand. Philosophy and attitude.” here:

The Wunderlich-App

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