Wunderlich K 1300 R KnockeR

The K1200/1300 R models polarize as the most powerful naked bikes in the world, like no others from BMW.

We underscore this title with individual ideas and the special edition K1300 R “KnockeR”.

Together with enhanced protection, comfort and ergonomics, this creation captivates through the radically stylized “W”.

An extract from our K-ideas:

  • Top yoke conversion "Sportego“
  • Oil cooler grill
  • "Flowjet“ wind screen
  • Dual tail light "Triton2“
  • Brake and clutch lever "VarioLever“
  • Carbon lightweight components
  • Water cooler grill
  • Hub cover "Tornado“
  • K-sports exhaust system

Phone: +33 800 902350
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La nouvelle APP Wunderlich