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The white Wunderlich R 100 Sport "Café Racer"


Classic by Wunderlich R 100 Sport - completely rebuilt by us as a classic twin-shock as a reminiscence of the tradition of classic and sporty racing machines.

The components:

  • Vintage steering gear with yellow disc
  • Lamp holder Highsider black
  • Headlight Reno black
  • Motogadget Motoscope Instrumentation
  • Whimsical cable tree
  • Handlebar Fittings Alu
  • Performance fork bridge
  • clip-ons
  • Tank cover Monza
  • Steelflex Kit
  • Big-Bore cylinder set (1.070 ccm)
  • Starter cover (aluminum sand casting)
  • Dell'Orto carburetor
  • Velocity Stacks
  • dual ignition
  • Oil Cooler Kit
  • Oil pan distance ring
  • Stainless steel battery case
  • Lithium Ion Battery...

All components can be found in our shop at

Phone: +33 800 902350
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