Wunderlich R 1200 GS Adventure " Neckam"

The name “Neckam” pays homage to Alexander Neckam, the reputed inventor of the compass. Thus the central element of the design is a compass stylized “W”.

Although the “Big” GS lays claim to being the “ultimate world traveller” motorcycle, a few details prevent it from living up to that title. With improved wind protection, a more comfortable seat, better performance and many additional refinements, the Adventure becomes exactly what the word traveler longs for. The R 1200 GS Adventure “Neckam”:

A small sample of our ideas:

  • "ERGO-Vario“-Touring Screen
  • "ERGO“-seat rider/passenger
  • Hand guard extension
  • "MicroFlooter“ additional lights
  • Engine bar reinforcement
  • Tank bag "GS light"
  • "Xplorer“ aliminium panniers
  • Engine protection plate "Extreme“
  • Brake and clutch lever "VarioLever“
  • Side cover

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