Wunderlich R 1200 GS Rallye

An Homage to our legendary and victorious Dakar-GS-bikes, the Special-Edition R 1200 GS RALLYE. A number of colour accents like the alpin white tank cover, the black-white seat, the granite grey metallic cylinder head cover combined with the black engine and the decoration in the traditional BMW Motorsport colours will make this bike very unique. The particular colour clou of this Special-Edition is the rear frame in powerful Magma-red.

We know that many GS-riders won´t abandon a perfect all-round protection for their precious GS motorbike, we are able to offer the Protection- and the Tankprotection Bar in the unique colour of Magma-red. ´

No other colour will show the character of this particular bike.

The powerful red colour becomes a dynamically style and will complete the line and concept of the Rallye–GS. For this reason the Special-Edition will have the capability to be a legend.

Built-up parts:

  • Engine Protector Bars
  • Tank Protector "Adventure Style"
  • Windschield Flowjet
  • ERGO Rider Seat
  • ERGO Passenger Seat
  • Oil Coller Grills
  • Mudguard Enlarger "Beak-Extenda"

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