Wunderlich R 1200 GS WR²

We showed what’s possible with this concept motorcycle and it remains a precursor for many innovative products.

For off road riders, the 21 inch front wheel conversion gives the GS unimaginable handling characteristics and closes the gap between the “tame” R1200 GS and the aggressive HP2.

Our optimized engine management has unleashed a solid 110 horsepower since 2006 combined with a smooth power delivery.

Some consituens of our concept:

  • 21 inch front wheel conversion
  • "Extreme“ top yoke conversion“
  • Cockpit fairing with:
    • XENON lights
    • adjustable screen
    • integrated headlight protection
  • Lightweight aluminium sub frame conversion
  • "Extreme“ engine protection plate
  • Mono seat conversion
  • "Stealth“ dual light tail
  • Boxer Sports exhaust system

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La nouvelle APP Wunderlich