Wunderlich R 1200 RT "Inspiro"

The “Inspirio” design line transforms current BMW models “off the shelf” into unique premium vehicles.

Likewise with the R 1200 RT, which hearkens back to the legendary tourer R 100 RT.

Touring on the highest level in its most beautiful form.

Touring choice of ideas:

  • “ERGO” touring screen
  • “ERGO” seat bank
  • Wunderlich crash bar
  • “Comfort” handlebar extension
  • “Grand Tour” tank bag
  • “Street” handlebar bag
  • Oil cooler mask with protective grating
  • Navigation device holder
  • “ExtenderFender” fender extension
  • “MicroFlooter” auxiliary headlight
  • “Clear-Protect” arm, leg, and foot protection
  • Wunderlich rear inner wing
  • Driver/passenger “ERGO” speed transfer
  • Boxer sport exhaust system
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