Wunderlich Concept Bikes

In the beginning, there are ideas and visions, which are raised, discussed, followed and put aside.
Products are designed, modelled, constructed and prototypes are manufactured. Ideas and visions are taking shape, they are examined and checked for feasibility under economic aspects. If all obstacles are overcome, the product is taken to over range. The product range where our customers can choose all the parts to individualise and improve their motorbikes. As one of the leading manufacturers of BMW – motorcycle accessories we offer a wide product range in the sectors ergonomics, safety, comfort, travelling, luggage, tuning, exhaust systems and much more...

Our fantasy and our creativity is despite of all economic reasons limitless. So we design, for example, for tests, shows, fairs and races our special concept bikes, where we draw from the full range of our assortment and present what is generally possible, including attractive paint and design ideas. Not everything is for sale, but a delight for the eyes and we are always happy about appreciative glances and honourable comments.

Individuality never comes from the production line – Enjoy browsing

The highlights of our conversions

Our conversions






R nineT

"Cafe Racer"



R nineT

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