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The film hides a puzzle!

Sven, who manages the social media channels and events at Wunderlich, is a versatile person and motorcyclist. He is curious, attentive, always enthusiastic, authentic and adventurous. Just the man for our tour project in Namibia. One of the Wunderlich lives, so there was no need for persuasion. He took the job and could hardly hide his enthusiasm. Many of you may have followed his blog in May 2019 at and digitally accompanied him, his travel companions and the tour guide Gavin. On his tour of the southwest African country, he was not only able to experience the impressive landscape and wildlife, but also had many encounters with the local people, of whom he still reports.

As part of the trip, the team shot almost 48 hours of footage and we have now decided to cut a film series for you and publish two episodes every week on our YouTube channel “Wunderlich GmbH” and on our social media channels.

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