Edition35 - only 2020.

The cockpit fairing

Numbered and extremely limited: Our premium upgrade for the BMW R nineT /5

To celebrate 35 years since our company was founded, we are now offering selected, special components under the label EDITION 35.

BMW only included the R nineT /5 in its range for a short period – it's already no longer in production! We are now taking this natural limited run, which will increase the appeal of the model, one step further: Restricted to a run of just 35 units, our extremely limited DAYTONA EDITION 35 cockpit fairing now transforms the BMW R nineT /5 into a truly unmistakeable and unique piece.

The DAYTONA EDITION 35 cockpit fairing

Our cockpit fairing is hand-painted to a high quality in metallic lupin blue with smoke effect, then finished to perfection with clear varnish. The painting is done by none other than our master painter, who we also entrust with the painting of our concept bikes. The all-round, white, asymmetric double lining - which both the 'old' /5 and the new model shouldn't be without - integrates into the Wunderlich EDITION 35 logo and numbering with precision as if cast from a mould. The limit number is located on the left side next to the windshield. To highlight the exclusive premium appeal, we do this in a modest but visible way. The cockpit fairing are crafted by hand and numbered from 1/35 to 35/35. You can choose the matching windshield as you like: depending on your individual preference, you can choose between the sporty version or a taller version that is suitable for sporty touring.

Dear customers, unfortunately the 35 pieces of our limited edition lamp mask for the BMW R nineT /5 are sold out within a very short time. We thank you for your great interest!

Your Wunderlich Team

So if you decide early, you're increasing your chances of getting your very own personal number. With such a small series, however, each individual limit number is exclusive.

Due to the handmade craftsmanship involved, we kindly ask that you plan approx. 5-6 weeks for delivery.


The certificate

Each of the 35 DAYTONA EDITION 35 cockpit fairing from Wunderlich is delivered with a certificate confirming its authenticity and originality.

You can't get greater individual exclusivity than this. 

Suitable addition to the limited cockpit fairing: Wunderlich fender R nineT /5

Not limited, but just as much in demand is our Lupin blue metallic hand painted fender for the R nineT /5.

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