R 1200 R "Touring"

The R 1200 R “Touring” is also a product of our Inspiro-Design series. It features the attributes of a classic roadster that with very little effort can be transformed into a tourer, much like its famous role model, the R 100 T.

Even more classic Ideas:

  • Touring wind screen
  • "Touring“ engine protection bars
  • "ERGO“ seat
  • "ERGO“ footrest lowering
  • "CruiseControl"
  • Additional lights "MicroFlooter“
  • Tank bag "Grand Tour“
  • Hand guards "ClearProtect“
  • Brake and clutch lever "VarioLever“
  • "Krauser“ Panniers
  • Sat Nav Device support "MultiPod“
  • Mudguard extension "ExtenderFender“
  • Folding lifting handle "ERGO“

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