Ritzel - 17 Zähne
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Ritzel - 17 Zähne

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Uns ist die bullige F zu kurz übersetzt. Mit diesen Übersetzungs-Alternativen kann das relativ hohe Drehzahlniveau auf beruhigende und gesündere Werte gedrückt werden und neue Tourenfreuden entstehen. Oder Sie wählen eine kürzere Übersetzung für schwierige Einsätze (z.B. hohe Zuladung, Gebirge, Gelände etc.). Aus extrem widerstandsfähigem Stahl, im Diamond-Cut-Verfahren, gefräst und nicht gestanzt.


F 650 GS - 17/41
F 700 GS - 17/42
F 800 GS - 16/42


Worth every cent
Von Herman the German am 25. April 2019
I don't know why I put off buying the 17 tooth front sprocket for so long. I should have done this a long time ago. The price is fair and the quality is top notch. You'll have it in the bike and be finished within around 30 minutes. The extra tooth on the front makes a world of difference on the street and delivers the power much much better to the asphalt. It feels like a new bike and is worth every cent. The fuel consumption has gone up a tick from 4.6 l/100km to 4.7 l/100km, but I reckon that's because I'm having too much fun. We ride 0% off-road. Highly recommended for street use.
Sehr zufrieden mit Lieferzeit und wahre
Von Erwin am 3. März 2018
Schneller Versand sehr zufrieden
Well Worth It
Von Andre Boening am 29. Dezember 2011
First off, it barely fits in the space next to the swing-arm, but it does fit. Fuel economy has greatly improved. My F-800GS went from about 46 to 52 mpg and the engine rpms have been greatly reduced, taking the engine into a sweet spot at highway cruising speeds and the high rpm vibration is largely gone. The only problem, and a minor one for me because most of my traveling is on gravel roads or pavement, is that traveling on tight trails in first gear at a speed just greater than walking is worse. Without a lot of clutch work, you can't go slow enough.
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