Wunderlich Bremszangen-Abdeckung vorne - silber

Wunderlich Bremszangen-Abdeckung vorne - silber

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Im Kaufgegenstand sind eventuell abgebildete Zubehörteile nicht inbegriffen!

Die Bremszangen werden mit dieser aufwendig gefertigten Abdeckung zum Hingucker und erhalten noch einen Zusatzschutz. Endlich passt die Zange auch zur Vorderradgabel und wird zu einer Einheit.

Abdeckung aus hochfestem Billet-Aluminium. Einfache Montage.

Komplett mit allen Anbauteilen.

*Bitte beachten Sie die Fahrzeugzuordnung!

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Caliper Protection Kundenmeinung von Kenneth Klen
Ever since I've owned my 2012 K1600 GTL, I've loved it as many people who stop and compliment me do as well! So what do you do when you have what \\'Cycle World\\' claims 'this is One of The Greatest Motorcycles Ever Made\\'?You take things \\'up a notch\\' and \\'personalize it\\' with extras from Wunderlich!I have a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have worked as a Machinest on/off for a long time. The Caliper Protectors are \\'Professionally Made\\' and look the part. Do I ever think that there might be a situation where these will have to \\'protect the caliper\\'? Not really but if comes down to that, they would work. The \\'etched\\' Wunderlich\\' on the \\'protectors\\' speaks for themselves!I have several \\'after market\\' parts from Wunderlich. All are \\'Professionally and Good Looking\\'. Do I like to have my bike getting 'the edge\\' over someone who has the same bike? Absolutely! The \\'only issue\\' I had when ordering these was that the Dealer I were on the same site BMW Motorcycles of Utah. For some reason did see the \\'Black Coated\\' Protectors on my site, but he could see them on his??? No problem. I ordered the \\'Brushed Titainium\\' ones and they fit right in to the Wheel Rims's Color.Very easy to put mount although you'll need a 'star Socket\\' to remove the \\'Original BMW\\' bolts and swap them out for the ones supplied in the package.I'll admit that I \\'do want my Bimmer to look it's best\\'. Especially when I meet someone else on a similiar BMW. Wunderlich almost does the \\'impossible\\' and finds areas that could work/look even better on a bike that 'sets the standard\\'!They just came out with an \\'Oil Cooler\\' protection screen. I made one for my K 1200 LT out of simple \\'wire screen mesh\\'!I'll be ordering that tomorrow. I find that the \\'Parts People\\' (Kelton) at BMW of Utah are very helpful, knowledgable, and courteous. He even \\'waived the shipping\\'! (Veröffentlicht am 06.03.13)

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