Wunderlich Kofferschutzbügel - verchromt

Wunderlich Kofferschutzbügel - verchromt

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Im Kaufgegenstand sind eventuell abgebildete Zubehörteile nicht inbegriffen!

Die Lebensversicherung für die teuren BMW Originalkoffer und ein zusätzliches Highlight an der BMW R 1200 RT.

Da die BMW Originalkoffer breiter als die Zylinder bauen, sind ohne einen Schutz Beschädigungen an den Koffern nahezu vorprogrammiert.

Die Fakten Wunderlich Kofferschutzbügel BMW R 1200 RT:

  • Schutz der Koffer vor Remplern und Umfallern
  • passend für BMW R 1200 RT
  • Perfekte Aufbockhilfe
  • Beifahrer findet bequemen Halt
  • Volle Bewegungsfreiheit
  • Keine Behinderung bei der Kofferbedienung
  • Robuste Befestigung über vier Punkte
  • Zusätzliche Abstützung zum Rahmenheck
  • Nahtloses Präzisions-Stahlrohr
  • Auch zur Befestigung weiterer Accessories (Getränkehalter etc.) geeignet
  • Kompletter Satz (rechts + links), inklusive Einbausatz und Montageanleitung
  • Made in Germany


Qualitativement, le produit semble excellent. Kundenmeinung von Karim Cahill
L'installation de la protection ne demande pas de connaissance particulière et peut se faire soi même dans la mesure ou il faut réserver du temps pour le retrait et le remontage des caches latéraux avant et arrière et du porte bagage. Ceci demande quand même plus d'une heure. Il n'est alors plus possible de monter la protection latérale arrière anti slash complémentaire.
(Veröffentlicht am 01.05.17)
Excellent Value Kundenmeinung von Daniel L. Nix
I ordered the rear protection bars for my new BMW R 1200 RT because I felt the cost would be little compared to the damage to the saddlebags in the event that I dropped the bike. My BMW dealership installed the bars and they did an excellent job. I ordered the chrome because I thought it would look classy. I was right. The bars look great and I have no doubts that they will do the job in the event of a drop. I also like the fact that the bars do not stick way out. They are out enough to do the job but not enough to overwhelm the appearance of the bike. I couldn't be happier with my Wunderlich rear protection bars. (Veröffentlicht am 01.06.13)
Great addition to my RT Kundenmeinung von Gary Hargrove
Dropped the bike shortly after purchase. Scratched the bag pretty bad. Just ordered and received the rear bars. Took them to my local dealer and they were installed in less than an hour. Look good and give me a little more confidence and peace of mind. Hope I don't have to use them, but it's comforting to know they are there. (Veröffentlicht am 31.05.13)
Bars Contact & Damage Paraliver Kundenmeinung von John Howard
Purchased the bars in Australia from Motohansa in 2013. And yes, they require the removal of parts for installation, and yes, they look nice, and yes, they will interfere with a pillion with short legs, and yes, they will protect your side cases in a minor tip over. And yes, no solution for the silencer mounting bolt is provided or mentioned in the mounting instructions, and yes, the right hand bar upper mount connected to the frame behind the rear body panel will come in contact with the rear suspention Paralever and rear brake line cover and Damage both components. This is unacceptable. Buy at your own risk! (Veröffentlicht am 31.05.13)
Not so tough to install Kundenmeinung von Tony B.
After reading all of the reviews and the apparent problems encountered by others installing these bars, I have come to the realization that most of the errors came prior to the new instructions being posted. It was a fairly easy job, taking a couple hours total. Take your time removing the Tupperware and the bars go right on as designed. Thread all screw on by hand and tighten once all are installed,. Only wished they stayed with torx fasteners instead of allen head. On less tool to keep around. Slick product, thanks. (Veröffentlicht am 30.03.13)
If i had known before buying Kundenmeinung von Line Major
You have to take out the BMW rack off and its a pain to take off ,because i stripped the cheap torx screw bmw put in a spot that is very .Difficult to access.... So now can't install the rear guards protector....i thought bmw bikes were all well thought to work on, guess i was wrong. If i had known that before buying i would have never bought. (Veröffentlicht am 17.08.12)
Muffler Bolt Modification Kundenmeinung von Larry Callahan
I just installed the rear protection bars on my 2005 R1200RT. They look great and the quality is excellent. However they do block the removal of the muffler hanger bolt. I removed the stock bolt and trim washer. I installed a new M8X40 pitch 125 bolt and M8 flat washer by installing it from the rear on the wheel side. Thread it all the way through the captured nut on the muffler hanger and through the rubber bushing. The bolt will now be extended through the bushing on the side closest to the protection bar. Install a flat fender washer approximately the same diameter of the stock trim washer that was removed and fasten it with a M8 pitch 125 lock nut. This procedure must be done before you install the left side protection bar. There is enough space between the protection bar and the muffler hanger so that the lock nut may be removed with the protection bar in place. And the bolt may now be removed from the wheel side. This should make rear wheel removal much easier. (Veröffentlicht am 31.05.12)
Protection bars look and work great Kundenmeinung von Jeff P
I can't comment on the installation because I had the bars shipped direct to my dealer and installed there. So installation couldn't have been easier! I ordered the silver for my 2012 RT in midnight blue, and the bars match the rest of the bike perfectly! I have both the engine and pannier protection bars and have received lots of compliments on the looks. Plus, unfortunately, I can now report that they work as advertised. I dropped the bike at the gas station of all places, and when I picked it back up, there was not a scratch on it, except on the ends of the protection bars which aren't even noticeable. So I can attest these bars work as advertised and will protect your bike! (Veröffentlicht am 03.04.12)
Humm Kundenmeinung von Max
Installed these on a 2012 R1200RT. I liked the look of them and figured they would give me some added protection in case of a dropped bike.Installation is tedious. The tail light, rear luggage rack, and side panels must all come off. The rear luggage rack is somewhat of a challenge due to the two vertical screws hidden in tubes above the tail light location.The jury is still out on approval until I have a rear tire changed. The bolt that holds the muffler clamp is hidden behind the lower mounting bolt for the left bar. Taking out the lower mounting bolt and removing the rear most clamp allows the bar to swing out of the way enough to get to the muffler bolt, but I'm still unsure that the muffler will come off. According to the BMW mechanic I talked to, the muffler has to come off to get the rear tire off. We'll see. (Veröffentlicht am 15.01.12)
Rear Bars Kundenmeinung von Peter Gray
These are a welcome addition to my bike and the installation was not difficult if you read the instructions and review all the pictures carefully. Once the tail section was off the bike each side bracket took about 20 minutes to install and add the safety I was looking for. Without the bags it looks kind of strange but that isn't the normal riding configuration. (Veröffentlicht am 16.10.11)

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