Wunderlich Navihalterung

Wunderlich Navihalterung

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Im Kaufgegenstand sind eventuell abgebildete Zubehörteile nicht inbegriffen!

Durch unseren Halter rückt das Navi endlich in einen sichtbaren Bereich an der R 1200 RT. Ohne den Blick gefährlich lange von der Fahrbahn abwenden zu müssen, ist in komplizierten Verkehrssituationen nun immer ein Kontroll-Blick möglich.

Bei konventioneller Befestigung an der Lenkerbrücke stört zudem oft der Tankrucksack und der Zündschlosszugang ist erschwert.

Die Fakten Wunderlich Navihalterung für R 1200 RT (-2009):

  • Navi immer im optimalem Sichtfeld
  • Besseres, sicheres Navigieren
  • Leichtere Bedienung
  • Einstellbare Neigung
  • Einfacher Anbau (ohne Bohren etc.)
  • Leichtes, eloxiertes Aluminium
  • Vielseitig verwendbarer Halter. Verwendbar mit:
    • TomTom-Rider
    • BMW-Navigator
    • Garmin ZUMO
    • allen Geräten mit Krallenadapter
    • jedem PDA (in Kombination mit unserem MediaBag)
    • Foto-/Videokamera
  • Kompletter Anbausatz für leichte Selbstmontage
  • 5 Jahre Garantie
  • Made in Germany

Von außen vermutet man es nicht, aber wir haben sehr viel Arbeit in die Konstruktion investiert, um einen leichten Anbau zu realisieren.

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Integrated GPS Mount to 2009 Kundenmeinung von Robert Cargill
I had this installed by my BMW Master Technician at Hopkins (MN) Hitching Post last week and paid for for exactly 1 hour to do it - including the electrical connections for the BMW GPS.Very pleased with its location immediately above the instrument panel, on the bike's center line - for optimum safety, VERY important! It is sturdy, yet it can be adjusted to minimize sun glare. No vibration.This is a great product! (Veröffentlicht am 01.04.13)
Just what I expected Kundenmeinung von Ron Weinert
This mount was exactly what I expected---it was just what I wanted for mounting my Garmin GPS---along with a non-Touratech holder. I had to drill new holes to fit the Touratech Mount, but I had anticipated that the two items would not be compatible, having been so advised by a Touratech technician in a telephone conversation. The mount went on easily once I figured out the different parts and how they would go onto the glare shield. A few more pictures might have helped, but all in all, the installation was not a problem, and I am not particularly adept at mechanical installations.This is a good produce, and I think it worth the money. I am very happy with my setup, and will use Touratech products again in the future, as I have in the past. (Veröffentlicht am 01.03.13)
great product Kundenmeinung von sam
This mount installed very easily and does a great job. Nice clean install using factory mounting locations and no modifications necessary. (Veröffentlicht am 09.10.12)
Best GPS mount available Kundenmeinung von Maggie
This is a great mount.. it allows you to see the GPS easily without looking down, as other GPS mounts have you..It's a trick to install and comes with clear, easy to read instructions. (Veröffentlicht am 10.09.12)
Great GPS Mount! Kundenmeinung von Rick Bratrud
Pretty easy to install, directions could have been a little better but once installed it works great! (Veröffentlicht am 25.06.12)
Customer review of GPS Mount Kundenmeinung von Alfred
Bike:2005 1200RTI have had a Migsel mount on my previous 1150RT but chose the Wunderlich mount for the 1200RT. Reason were mainly cost and the added support bracket inside the fairing.Installation was uneventful with all pars fitting as advertised.Due to the internal bracket bracket a strong sandwiched clamp, it seems to be stronger then a Migsel mount.Quality was certainly there for the cost of the mount and no scratches or missing parts. It simply comes to to this: Now that I have it....would I purchase it again instead of another product?Yes I would! (Veröffentlicht am 30.03.12)
best gps mount Kundenmeinung von Mike
I just added this to my 2005 RT. It is by far the best gps mount out there. I tried the handle bar mount and found it bouncy and the arm would obstruct the view in the mirror. This puts the gps right out in front at eye level giving you the opportunity to glance down at the upcoming road and watch your speed. They just need to add an attachment to be able to add my radar detector right next to it. (Veröffentlicht am 19.11.11)
RT GPS Mount Kundenmeinung von Mark B.
I have a 2005 R1200RT and was looking for a good mount that didn't require drilling holes.After installing the mount I was pleased with the position and ease of reach. The mount is very solid and with the additional 4 rubber mounts to work with my Zumo665 its very solid. (Veröffentlicht am 24.10.11)
Very good solution for RT GPS mount Kundenmeinung von max van orsdel
First, this is the only mount that I've tried that doesn't vibrate or bounce around with the GPS (Garmin Zumo) attached.Installation is a little time consuming since the directions are pretty brief. With a little experimentation it went on okay. Watch the video to see how it mounts. The under dash bracket really makes it a firm set-up and is the principle reason it doesn't vibrate. This is a well thought out, well engineered product and in my opinion well worth the money. (Veröffentlicht am 25.07.11)
GPS is where it should be top and center Kundenmeinung von Otto Leidreiter
After much searching, I finally found a GPS mount for my BMW Zumo that moved it from between the handlebars to above the instrument cluster. The Wunderlich item found on this page serves this purpose. Installation was pretty easy and was done within a half hour. It could have been 15 minutes if I didn't spend a bunch of time trying to figure out how to actually remove the dash cover. Seems it is hooked at the base somehow and I couldn't get it off (this is a BMW issue). Never the less, I was able to push it out of the way far enough to mount the support bracket. The other thing I puzzled over was attaching the support bracket to the plastic tab/tongue in the middle. I wasn't sure if the washers go over the tab/tongue or under. Eventually, I decided under since I couldn't get them to stay above and didn't seem to add anything. Other than these puzzlements it all went in very easily. One final note, once installed I had to tighten the the cradle mount bracket a few times over the next few days to keep the GPS unit from sagging. I'm thinking some form of lock washer might be more effective.Don't let the above deter you, the unit is well built and an attractive unit that performs its task as expected. I would recommend this item. (Veröffentlicht am 05.06.11)
The best on the market Kundenmeinung von L. Morel
Easy too install, except for the "nuts braket". I've use the original ones insteadOnce it is install very easy too ajust for your eye sight (Veröffentlicht am 15.05.11)
Wrong nut/clip, nut size Kundenmeinung von Jim fox
Good product but had one problem with one of the nut/clips. One was not the correct size for the bolts. But being handy I took out one of my metric taps and tapped the nut to the correct size. (Veröffentlicht am 02.04.11)
Great Mount for My GPS Kundenmeinung von Ronald Allen
I have a BMW NAv IV GPs but it hadbeen mounted by the dealer with a Tourtech mount. The Tourtech mount fit to the handle bars and with the tank bag on the GPS was hard to see and the instruments wer partially blocked. The Wunderlich unit is a far superior unit. It puts the GPS up where you can see it easily. The install was by the instructions and was relatively painless. The only drawback might be for people with a short reach as the GPS unit is a long reach from the drivers seat, however this is not a problem for me as I have a long reach.For the money this unit is the best I have seen. You will like it! (Veröffentlicht am 28.02.11)
Great product-difficult installation, parts not correct Kundenmeinung von Rick
Once installed, the placement of the GPS is much better than the old position below the ignition. I have a Garmin 4 GPS, and one of the hole patterns fit perfectly. The only installation glitch was that the directions stated there should be 3 different sets of screws, but there were only two types, and they were not long enough to install the support bracket over the center support flange as they are not long enough to allow the small threaded bracket to fit as per the directions.I was able to work around this by fastening the ends of the bracket to the console, first with one screw in the center support, then swinging it into place, after which you can remove the end screws and follow the directions. (Veröffentlicht am 28.10.10)

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