Wunderlich Reling für BMW-Topcase - verchromt

Wunderlich Reling für BMW-Topcase - verchromt

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Exklusive für das große Topcase der BMW R 1200 RT und BMW K 1200 GT ab Bj.´06 | BMW K 1300 GT entwickelte Gepäckreling.
Ein edler, wie auch zweckmässiger Abschluß des Original-Topcases. Für noch mehr Gepäck oder alles was schnell
zu Hand sein und/oder nicht unbedingt in das Topcase soll (nasse Regekombi, Handschuhe etc.).

Die Fakten:

  • Verdeckte, robuste Befestigung über vier Anschraubpunkte (im Stahlrohr eingeschweisste Gewindebuchsen)
  • Nahtloses Präzisions-Stahlrohr
  • Hervorragendes Finish Made in Germany
  • Wasserdichte Verschraubungen
  • Inklusive Einbausatz und Montage-Anleitung
  • Einfache Montage
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Installation could be made easier Kundenmeinung von Greg
I liked the look and quality of the rack for my R1200RT but the installation could be made easier. The drilling of the two front holes at the required angle is somewhat difficult and if not done properly, makes installing the screw close to impossible. An easy fix would be to redesign the front of the rack where these screws attach similar to the design of the rear screws- flat to the trunk rather than the angled approach. Though a nice design, I think a little function over form is in order. (Veröffentlicht am 26.09.12)
Top Case Luggage Rack Install Kundenmeinung von Robert B Phelps
I enjoyed the benefit of having a good buddy who recently installed this rack. He came over had a couple pieces of advice, throw away the template and install the angled (front) legs first. He had followed the factory instructions for his installation and from that experience arrived at the conclusion that I should not. We carefully measured and triangulated until placing the rack in the right spot, drew pencil around the front, spring loaded center punch to mark for the drill, finished by drilling with angle to the rear. Loosely installed purchased 6x20mm bolts, lower and marked the rear, punched and drilled. Installed bolts in the rear and tightened it all up. Under 40 minutes invested including opening the box. I do recommend getting the longer 6mm x 20 mm bolts for the front and using the longer ones in the kit for the rear. I got the black powder coat, the finish is great and the rack looks great on the machine. I recommend this product. (Veröffentlicht am 01.05.12)

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