Acewell Instrument - chromed

Acewell Instrument - chromed

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Acewell Instrument "ACE-4453" A jewel of an instrument that is already housed in a fine black aluminium casing and thus represents a price-worthy replacement for the original instrument. The Acewell is also the one and only instrument to date to come with a special BMW tachosensor (please order the Acewell "Tachosensor" separately) that allows it to record the speed directly on the gearbox. The most elegant solution for the Boxer to date means you can forget magnet pick-ups on the front or rear wheels.

Display for:

  • Speed up to 399.9 km/h
  • Revolutions up to 9000/min
  • Engine and exterior temperatures
  • Total & daily kilometre display
  • Time
  • Voltage meter
  • Tank display (not for twin-valves – can be hidden!)
  • Gear display
  • Remote control element
  • Includes ABE

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