Adapter for BMW socket No Cable

Adapter for BMW socket No Cable

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The unlimited freedom to operate or charge any device on your BMW! Your mobile phone, GPS device or 12-Volt razor can now be easily connected to the BMW socket.
No more guessing whether the battery will last until you get to the nearest mains socket.
For safety reasons, the load on the adapter is limited to 8 Amps (=96 Watts at 12 Volts). For an even higher load, we generally recommend the Bike-Start system. Some of the adapters are fitted with extension cables, as in our experience fixed adapters are suitable for stationary use
and you can accommodate the sensitive connections (charge plug, etc) safely.
Note: the BMW socket corresponds to the general standard socket in accordance with DIN ISO 4165.


Power adapter on 09 R100GSA
By Greg, posted on 13 April 2013
The adapter works fine and is of good quality like everything I have gotten from Wunderlich. This does not work well on my 09 R1200GSA because the powerlet port is vertical out of the fairing and therefore if you use it while riding, the cables from the handlebars and the adapter for my phone hit. Broke off an iPhone connector and almost lost this adapter. Not good for this bike. There needs to be a 90 degree angle version.
As advertised
By Martin, posted on 2 April 2013
No frills easy BMW to standard.
Adapter Power
By Gary, posted on 20 March 2013
A perfect fit for a 2013 G650GS! Converts the power attachment on my bike to a cigarette lighter/power outlet! Works like a charm to insert a USB adapter in it and run a power cord up to power my Lifeproof/water-proof Iphone case, which I have mounted on the handle bar with the accessory holder!
Straight forward design
By Paul Koskey, posted on 3 October 2012
works very well
bmw elec adaptor
By william jochum, posted on 17 May 2012
12v adaptor worked perfect and snapped in place tightly
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