Aluminium angled valve

Aluminium angled valve

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You know the problem: You want to top up the low tyre pressure at a petrol station, but the air filler nozzle is made for cars. The result is that more air escapes than manages to go in while you try to make the ill fitting nozzle sit on the short motorcycle-type tyre valve.
This quality machined, light aluminium tyre valve for tubeless tyres (weights only 11 g) puts an end to the annoying fiddling!

Note: Not siutable to bikes with tyre pressure sensor.

Sold as a single piece.


By Çagatay, posted on 30 October 2017
Amazing. Very useful. You must buy 2 pieces dont forget.
2009 BMW R1200GSA
By gsajockey, posted on 5 June 2013
Having twice had failures with OEM rubber valve stems I have logged thousands of miles on three different motorcycles using these valve stems with no further problems. I can't imagine having a bike without these stems. To date they have been maintenance free.