Automatic brake bleeder

Automatic brake bleeder

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Anyone can now bleed their own brake systems* simply, quickly and without expensive special equipment. No more complicated procedures, simply push hole over the bleed nipple and loosen the nipple.

When “pumping” the brake lever, the valve at the end lets fluid out but no air in. There is an adjustable ball valve at the end of the
hose that opens under pressure and prevents fluid from flowing back.

Important note: NOT suitable for ABS or Integral ABS systems, let an official dealer bleed the brakes for those models!!

Customer Reviews

Not used yet Review by Jerry Turgeon
I ordered this bleeder along with a "longer brake line" for my R1200R. The brake line that I received was 6" shorter than the original. Therefore, I returned the brake line and have not had a need for the bleeder but am keeping it for use in the future. (Posted on 09/01/2012)

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