Bar Bag set - Camouflage

Bar Bag set - Camouflage

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Water-resistant bags for the original R 1200 GS ¬Adventure tank protection bars.

The facts:

  • Additional luggage on the tank protection bars, for everything you might need to reach quickly and doesn’t fit in your tank bag.
  • Shellproof fastening.
  • Full liberty of action.
  • Optimal distribution of weight/centre of gravity.
  • Simply put the bag on your tank and fix it to the bars through a Velcro on the whole surface.
  • Outer and bottom surfaces are lined to protect the content against vibrations and to protect the frame. Also very good against bagging/wobbling.
  • Dimensionally stable, even when empty.
  • Sensible inner distribution of space.
  • Blue inner lining for a better overview, everything can be found easily.
  • Water resistant and Teflon coated CORDURA material.
  • High-tensile and abrasion-resistant. Inner coated.
  • Handy zipper.
  • Water resistant and dustproof zips.
  • Made in Germany & Europe.

Complete set (right/left), includes the mounting set. For original Adventure tank protection bars

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