Bike cover Indoor - blue

Bike cover Indoor - blue

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Our aim is to safeguard the value of your bike over the long term. It is for this reason that we have brought in top quality help. Our covers are made to take every conceivable change to the vehicle into account.

With these prerequisites in mind we have commissioned one of the best-known European makers of protective covers to custom-make the covers for us, benefiting from his expertise in the field of material.


A humidor keeps valuable cigars fresh. Our protective cover works in a similarly effective way in the garage: it ensures a balanced climate, absorbs excess humidity and prevents condensation of moisture on the metal parts. Itself resistant to dirt, the cover’s thick, padded structure provides protection against dust and prevents scratches and impact damage.  Two-layer construction: very soft fibre inside that protects paint, and damp-resistant, silk-like special fabric outside.  Breathable one-way membrane fabric (moisture is moved outwards)  Dense, padded fabric structure (protects against scratches and impact damage).  Resistant to cold and heat.  UV-resistant. Integrated elastic cord for firm positioning.  Can be folded to occupy a small volume.  With transport/storage bag
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Customer Reviews

Big Softie Review by Jim Reynolds
I was looking for an indoor cover to keep the dust off of my R1200 GS and this fits the bill nicely. It covers the bike well and works as I had hoped it would. (Posted on 31/05/2011)
almost.... Review by Lyle Steely
Not a bad cover for the price. I was looking for a cover for my 1200GSA that went all the way to ground...this almost made it, until I put bar risers on. It still does a pretty good job of covering most of the motorcycle and is easy to throw on. My biggest issue is that it lacks multiple locations to snug it up along the bottom of the bike...I am probably just going to install some extra grommets myself. All in all I'm good with it. (Posted on 21/04/2011)

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