Diagnostic tester Bikescan-100 - blue

Diagnostic tester Bikescan-100 - blue

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The Bikescan-100: small and powerful, for the professional control unit diagnostics on the BMW's motorbikes. This system covers the complete motorbike electronics and makes a fault finding much easier for the user.

Regular updates and upgrades on our diagnostic platform provide a future-proof hardware for our customers. Our diagnostic system is characterised by high performance in the diagnostic depth, compact design and high-quality construction with a great user-friendliness.

In case of error or communication failure, the user becomes a notice on the display and some additional information about a possible fault. With our system you have, at anytime, a meaningful diagnostic information. So you can quickly localise some possible failure.


  • Service reset date / route
  • Date and time setting e.g. after battery replacement
  • Reset of adaptation values for engine control unit
  • Specific ACTUAL values
  • Reading of current KM
  • Read out VIN
  • Valve clearance service reset
  • Vent ABS pressure modulator
  • Calibrate idling actuator
  • Initialise brake wear display
  • Windshield calibration
  • ESA/SAF calibration
  • Stepper adjustment
  • Calibration: Height sensor, windshield, idling actuator, film encoder, etc.
  • Sensor adjustment: Exhaust flap, interference pipe flap, reverse travel assistance setting, chassis monitor, drives, idling actuator, lambda sensors.
  • Free updates
  • Actuator diagnostic
  • Train / Program RDC tyre pressure sensor
  • No model limit or restriction

Supported products

  • KWP-2000 specific
  • DCAN- BUS specific
  • UDS specific 

Supported control units:

  • Engine electronics from Motronic 2.4
  • Central electronics
  • Combi instrument
  • Tyre pressure check 
  • ABS – anti-blocking system from I-ABS
  • Theft alert system 
  • Radio
  • Radio operating element
  • Electro-hydraulic tilt stands

Scope of delivery:

  • Diagnostic device BS-100
  • Case
  • 10-pin diagnostic cable
  • USB cable
  • Instructions.
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