Throttle rocker - black

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A throttle extension that takes the fear out of long journeys, ensure maximum riding pleasure and is probably
the cleverest alternative to a cruise control. This is not a regulator but an addition that makes dynamic, spontaneous changes in speed possible.

The facts:

  • Ergonomically perfect addition to the throttle.
  • Even distribution of force over the palm and ball of the thumb.
  • No more joint pains or cramp.
  • No more slipping with thick gloves.
  • Throttle action is considerably more sensitive.
  • Holds speed perfectly.
  • Easy to set to the desired speed.
  • Simply fold out of way when not in use.
  • Very flexible, injection moulded plastic.
  • With rubber adapter (required for some smooth grips).

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3 April 2020
great product
25 September 2019
very easy to install. easily adjusted on the fly, I keep mine completely out of the way around town and only use it on motorways. Allows me to open fingers on the bar on longer rides preventing tingling in finger tips from vibration. If your bike doesn't have cruise control and (like me) you don't like the idea of a device that interferes with the throttle then this is for you.
I Like It.
22 June 2019
I have not tried it on a longer journey yet, but even around town, after a bit of getting used to it, it feels comfortable.
It is simple to adjust the position on the fly, as it rotates quite freely in the shut-off direction and then grips firmly when opening up. Must be about the cheapest upgrade on this site too !
Good product
13 March 2019
It's nice and comfortable.
Excellent way to give your hand a rest.
16 December 2018
I bought this for my R Nine T and it was slipping at first until I added the little rubber spacer tube they provide and now it’s rock solid. It really does work well as a poor man’s cruise control: you can ease your grip on the throttle and let your wrist do the work. It’s a simple but very effective solution to sore hands.
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