Wunderlich Turn signal cancel switch lever

Wunderlich Turn signal cancel switch lever

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Perhaps you have experienced the rather clumsy operation of the turn signal cancel switch. The newer switch gear does offer some improvements over previous versions but the position and function of the cancel button seems to have taken a step backwards.

Therefore, we created this turn signal cancel lever and it offers vastly improved function and ergonomics. The part simply attaches to the right side mirror perch and now instead of contorting and trying to find the small cancel switch, you simply press on the easy to find lever and presto, riding enjoyment is once again improved by Wunderlich.

The facts:

  • Easier to cancel the turn signals
  • 1.5mm thick, high quality spring steel
  • Powder coated black
  • Easy to install
  • Made in Germany

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21 March 2020
Good little gadget
22 June 2019
I see that the newer BMW GS’s now , bloody finally ! ,, have NORMAL switch controls.
If, like me, you have one of the very annoying older set-ups, then I can recommend fitting one of these. Makes hitting the cancel button a lot less fiddly, looks as if it will be pretty durable.
A great improvement over terrible OEM design
8 May 2013
This thing works for me. I no longer face the threat of a wheelie when I cancel my turn signal. The alignment is much improved so I don't disrupt my throttle input.
Great product
20 April 2012
Does what it was designed for well. Can you make one for the horn button?
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