Wera Tool-Check PLUS, 39-part.
  • Wera Tool-Check PLUS, 39-part.

Wera Tool-Check PLUS, 39-part.

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38-part tool combination consisting of ratchet, bit, buts and a hand-held holder in the smallest space.

Perfect as a universal companion with a range of screw applications.

The facts:

  • High-quality hand-held bit holder power form plus grip for pleasant ergonomic working while avoiding blisters and calluses.
  • Hard grip zones for high work speed, soft grip zones for high torque transition.
  • Bit ratchet for quick work when screwing by machine or standard hand tools isn't possible due to space issues.
  • Quick switch from left to right turn operation and back again via the switch lever. Quick screwing (with thumb) thanks to the knurling on the ratchet head.
  • Simplest operation even with just one hand.
  • Ergonomic ratchet head/lever.
  • Power form geometry with perfectly shaped contact surfaces for the fingers.
  • Direct bit hold in the ratchet head ensures smallest tool structure for low working heights.
  • small returning angle of 6° for precise work.
  • Robust die-forged real steel design.
  • Torque of over 65 Nm.
  • The Rapidaptor bit holder with quick screw sleeve: Can be used as an extension, for lightning fast bit changes without the aid of tools for even the smallest bit sizes with just one hand.
  • Tough hard bits (steel grey) are especially suitable for hard materials such as sheeting or metal.
  • Hard bits (golden yellow) are especially suitable for soft materials such as wood.
  • Hand and machine nuts for practically all applications.
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