Wunderlich Water cooler grill - black

Wunderlich Water cooler grill - black

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Water coolers are well positioned for the onrushing air stream, the result being that anything carried by this stream finds its way into the cooler. Stones, insects and grime fill up the delicate fins of the cooler and cannot be removed without extensive labour, and usually the cooler fins bend and never look the same after.

Finely meshed stainless steel grills as used by us protect the cooler, ensure that the cooling properties remain
effective and are easy to clean, after cleaning the mesh will always look as good as before. Covering the black
radiators with our grills will positively transform the appearance of your motorcycle!

The facts:

  • Best protection and best appearance.
  • Blocks potential damage from reaching cooler.
  • In contrast to the many available grills with large gaps in the mesh, this protective grill also keeps out small stone chips.
  • Sturdy frame of anodised aluminium.
  • Anti vibration mounting points.
  • Integrated F logo.
  • Strong high pressure bonding between mesh and frame.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Comes supplied with installation material.
  • Easy to fit. Comes complete with detailed fitting instructions.
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Strong protection and good looking
By René, posted on 29 October 2019
Fits perfectly on my F800R.
Easy to install, but keep the original radiator screw, the one included is too big for the original nut (and there was no new nut included). The usual torx tools, a very small hex wrench for the 2 top counter nuts.
The included instructions are simple and good, be aware that the first photo has red marks (not easy to see red over black) that show where the foam goes on the inside side; you have to decide how to cut the foam strip, I chose 2 x 14, 12, 7, and 5 cm long, and fix it covering mostly the inside, and around the edge on the sides and on top (once installed, none of the foam touches anything anyway).
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