TRW Lucas brake disc front

TRW Lucas brake disc front

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For their new generation of brake discs, TRW/Lucas uses very hard steel. It is extremely durable, can be heated to an operating temperature in excess of 600 degrees and continues to function without any adverse effects.

The facts:

  • All discs come with type approval for Germany, including for scooter and Supermoto conversions
  • Very low wear; up to 30% longer life than conventional discs
  • Special surface finish prevents vibrations and improves brake-pad fit
  • Floating brake discs have titanium-coloured milled inner rings
  • Floating discs have a securely fitted floater to prevent annoying rattle
  • Thanks to high-performance floaters, they can also be used in racing without any problems
  • protection due to high proportion of stainless steel
  • Laser-machining makes for lightweight construction with fine contours
  • Each brake disc is individually compatible with organic and sintered brake pads from the full TRW/Lucas range
  • When changing the brake discs, be sure to change the pads as well (not included - order separately).
  • The brake discs are supplied individually; for double-disc systems, please order two.
  • Read the enclosed safety instructions prior to installation.
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