Oil filter tool - blue

Oil filter tool - blue

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The right tool for the job: practical, easy to use and without damage to the filter - now the oil filter can be changed professionally.

The tools available seem too expensive and impractical to us, so we designed our own. The special feature of our own invention is that the filter has both a hexagonal head for use with the on board spark plug cap, or alternatively with a “Torx” key.

This oil filter tool was, from its conception, too complex to manufacture “just” as a simple tool, which is why we
involved a designer, who created a real ornament for any workshop.
A Wunderlich innovation, Precision machined high quality “Dural” aluminium alloy.


Precision Crafted but check your filter first.
By Derek, posted on 28 October 2012
This wrench is design and craftsmanship at it's finest. However be careful if you purchase this for the F800GS. The original oil filter on the F800GS ended in 541 and this wrench was designed for that filter. However BMW has changed he spec on the F800GS oil filter and now it ends in 357 which may not be compatible with this filter wrench because it does not have the notches on the top of the filter and therefore the wrench won't fit. So check your filter first.
Wunderlich Oil Filter Wrench
By Jeffrey Rys, posted on 1 April 2011
I true thing of beauty. I tool you will be proud of. A light weight highly finished oil filter wrench that can use a torx or metric wrench to turn.
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