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Philips MotoVision

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Be seen. Ride safely.

With their unique orange reflection and a bright light beam the MotoVision headlight bulbs make an important contribution to improved motorcycle safety.

Thanks to the characteristic orange reflection, the motorcycle can be seen more clearly in the dark and in daylight. The rider’s long-distance vision at night is optimised because the new bulbs create 40% more white light and a 10-20 m longer light beam than standard
motorcycle headlight bulbs. With these features the new headlights minimise the two biggest safety risks for motorcycle riders at a stroke: the rider’s vision and being visible. For the first time, these two advantages can be combined in one headlight.

The field of vision of motorcycle riders becomes increasingly limited as the speed increases - especially at night. Here, the high proportion
of white light of the new headlight helps in ensuring a noticeably deeper and wider field of vision. The second advantage: the motorcycle is more visible to other road users, According to an EU study, 33% of all motorcycle accidents in Europe are caused by other road users not
identifying the position of the motorcycle correctly or not seeing it at all.
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