MOTOREX Assembly Copper Paste - 100 g
  • MOTOREX Assembly Copper Paste

MOTOREX Assembly Copper Paste - 100 g

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COPPER PASTE is a copper paste which forms an effective separating layer between metal surfaces from - 40 °C to + 900 °C, and for a short time up to + 1200 °C, thus preventing galling. Up to a temperature of 280 °C the paraffin-based base oil is effective and above that the lubrication is provided by the copper particles. At the same time, these particles give the effectively treated parts optimum corrosion protection. Assembly paste for all types of screws, threads and press fits.

Product features:

  • Application range - 40 °C / + 1200 °C
  • Protection against metal contacts
  • Prevents nuts from seizing
  • Resistant to fretting corrosion
  • Good high-pressure properties
  • Contains no graphite, molybdenum disulphide or lead
  • Range of application:
  • Assembly paste for all types of screws, threads and press fits. Has proven itself in applications subject to high thermal and mechanical loads: e.g. exhaust screw connections, turbochargers, press seats, threads and screws in hot steam valves, fittings of hot steam installations, etc.

Apply with a brush.

Not suitable for roller bearings or fast rotating plain bearings.

MOTOREX - Oil of Switzerland

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